From:Gene Underwood
Subject:Add to list of bikes with hummer engine Date:Sun Oct 19 02:27:51 2014
Hello all you hummerites. This is gene, you know one of the red headed stepchildren here on the west coast, aka the forgotten coast when it comes to hummers ( even tho the man himself mr dean hummer is out here).
I would like. A complete list of all the bikes and. Of panties that used the motor stolen from DKW.
My list includes:
DKW rt 125
Yamaha ya1
Bsa bantam
Harley hummer
Mockba m1a
Kovrov arms factory
Maserati corsa
Anyone else have anymore to add?
I so far have a bsa, DKW, harley hummer, and possibly the only kovrov arms factory k-125 in the USA.. I'd really like to add a Maserati to my stable.
Looking. Forward to any responses.
(Also looking forward to 2013 Dixon pictures to show up on this site)
Siincerely, gene underwood