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Subject:RE: RE: Add to list of bikes with hummer engine Date:Wed Oct 22 22:28:19 2014
Response to:19951
Yep, a guy...or group of engineers came up with a little two-stroke motor that got 100 mpg that was simple to maintain during a time of fuel shortage. Some things are just so good there's no need to change the concept. People like 'Puckett' came along and made them roar. Dave Hennessey came along and made people start to realize there was history to be found in these little bikes. He validated Dean Hummer's understanding that young people learning on a friendly motorcycle could be introduced to future adventures on larger bikes and build lives filled with wonderful memories....and wonderful people. Yes, it started with DKW and hasn't ended yet!

I read that these are all derivatives of the DKW

Polish 1947 SHL RT125
Czech 1949 Jawa 125
1955 Kawasaki (Meihatsu) 125
Italian 1950 MiVal 125T
German 1941 NSU 125 ZBD
Hungarian Csepel 125

Who knows if that is correct. Some of the engines look to me to be more
like the DKW than others.

Hello all you hummerites. This is gene, you know one of the red
headed stepchildren here on the west coast, aka the forgotten coast when
it comes to hummers ( even tho the man himself mr dean hummer is out
I would like. A complete list of all the bikes and Of Companies that used the
motor stolen from DKW.
My list includes:
DKW rt 125
Yamaha ya1
Bsa bantam
Harley hummer
Mockba m1a
Kovrov arms factory
Maserati corsa
Anyone else have anymore to add?
I so far have a bsa, DKW, harley hummer, and possibly the only kovrov
arms factory k-125 in the USA.. I'd really like to add a Maserati to my
Looking. Forward to any responses.
(Also looking forward to 2013 Dixon pictures to show up on this site)
Siincerely, gene underwood