From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: frozen drain plug Date:Sat Oct 25 14:01:27 2014
Response to:19961
A 1/2 drive gun will definitely take it out!

What you might try is a 3/8" drive "butterfly" impact tool like the Chicago Pneumatic CP 7722. It has an adjustment for the torque.

Look at for 3/8 butterfly impact wrench - there's about a million similar units. $50 at Sears or Home Cheapo.

Use a good tight fitting 6-point socket, apply penetrating oil, turn the torque down to 1, and let it "wap" it gently for awhile, apply more penetrating oil, wap some more. If that doesn't loosen it, repeat with the torque set to 2, etc.

Drain plugs in aluminum engine cases are often a problem. Disassembling the engine to have the hole welded and re-tapped in a major pain - I know - I currently have to have the trans drain done on my 54KH. $50 for the butterfly wrench might save you the trouble. Of course, if Magilla Gorilla tightened the plug, you might be SOL.

Have you tried a 1/2" drive air gun ? Sometimes works better
when you can spin something stuck on its center rather than
using a lever.