Subject:RE: RE: RE: Rod Bearings Date:Wed Nov 5 19:59:29 2014
Response to:19977
Measure your crank pin. Should measure 1.000" when new.If
I remember right, I think the book says .0025" clearance.
Not sure why they need that much clearence (probably
liability issues even back then) as modern rods only run
.001" clearance. I checked a NOS late model Harley rod
assembly. The end of the rod had about 3/16" or more
shake at the small end !!! I bought a Pro-X rod assembly
for my racing Hummer. It had zero shake at the end nor
could ya twist it on the crank pin.

Harley never made oversize rollers for the late model
caged bearings. The slots in the cages would have to be
opened up .001 for the +.001 rollers to fit. As Brent
says, finding a NOS set of the bearings and cage is next
to impossible, (but I am sure if you look long enough,
someone may have one).


Thank you for the quick reply. My machine is a 63 Scat
and the pins measure .121" It has been apart before,
someone really tore the plates up. The rod and crank pin
look good, I think .122" pins would tighten it up. Does
anyone sell these oversize rollers.
Thanks again, Scott

depends on what year/ 48-60 models use .250" x .490 long
61 to 66 use .120" diameter needles

Can someone please tell me what the stock dimension is
for the crank pin roller bearings?
Thanks, Scott