Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Rod Bearings Date:Thu Nov 6 21:55:56 2014
Response to:19980
The rod is a later model Honda CR250R rod. But it is not
a direct replacement. This rod is MUCH beefier, uses a
larger wrist pin and the big end is also larger. The
flywheels have to be shaved on the inside about .078 each
and the rod pockets also need to be opened up to clear
the rod diameter. A special crank pin also needs to be
machined. Lot of work, but the rods are seriously strong
and you can find brand new rod assemblies on eBay for $75
or less. Hotrods, Pro-X, Vesrah, all the good rod
companies carry them.


Mutt, Thank you for the info. My pin does measure 1.000".
The rod measures 1.245". Divide .245" X 2 = .1225" pins.
It looks like the rod was honed and .121" pins put in it.
it has a nice finish and is round. There is play up and
down and rods won't live very long with up and down play.
I will find or make some rollers. I specialize in pre 16
bikes, we are always making or using rods out of
different machines, making pins and rollers. Looking in
the parts book showed over size pins. I didn't know the
earlier machines where different. What was the Pro-X rod
for, that worked in your Hummer? Looking in there
catalog, I didn't see Hummer rods.
Thanks again, Scott