Subject:RE: RE: Davenport Hummer 165 race Date:Mon Nov 17 16:40:11 2014
Response to:19901
I was wunderin why never see you at Davenport any more with your racin Hummer. All the vintage flattrack guys around here have thrown in the towel on Davenport races because of their rules. They want to make their own rules and don't care it they don't work with other vintage race venues. And the turn out really shows it.
Last couple of years the races have fallen to a dribble of what they were a few years back. Real shame, but it's their races, their rules and it looks like more and more are not showing up for their party.
Used to be one of the best vintage races in the country.
I won't even spring for a ticket to watch next year, ain't worth it anymore, what a shame.

I'd like to hear more too.

What gets me, is that Davenport and Waseon aren't AMA sactioned events as far as I remember. The hand shift class rules are as follows. NO brakes and must have a hand shifted transmission. That's it. But when ya get to the Hummer class, everything is restricted. No reed plates.NO exhaust valve, Must have original frame but can be modified, must use stock cylinder, but can be modified,etc.

I tried to get them to explain to me what the difference was, if I took a stock cylinder, bored the "sleeve" out of it and replaced that "sleeve" with a real sleeve with multiple transfer ports and such or just use a cylinder that is already made like that.

They babbled on about something like "most people that race these bikes couldn't afford a cylinder like that" It cost a good bit to have all that work done and a new cylinder can be had for just a little bit more than all that work costs. To me, "must use stock cylinder" means just that. No huge carbs will fit on the stock cylinder without modifying the cylinder. You can port it, but nothing else. Davenport is "outlaw" racing. Ask the folks that race in the dinosaur and hand shift classes. Why should the other classes get to do anything they want to their motors and we can't? A RACE is whoever gets to the finish line first wins. If all these restrictions exist, maybe EVERYONES head should be pulled before the race and verify that the piston is no larger than 2.375" +.020 on their 165/175 motors? When ya sleeve the cylinder and use a TS185 Suzuki piston, that is no longer a STOCK cylinder.
They would really disqualify me. 64.25mm piston and 61mm crank = 200cc.


can someone provide details about this year's Davenport Hummer race? the kid that wins every year, got caught cheating and was disqualified. does anyone have details?