Subject:1959 Hummer Date:Tue Nov 18 21:25:22 2014
I have some questions regarding 1959 Hummers.

The restore page indicates speedos were still an option. I have seen 59 Hummers with the 165 front wheel hub versus the Hummer hub. What is correct? Does the 59 Hummer have a front brake? If it does it would seem you would use the 165 style front hub. Which would also imply the speedo would use that hub versus the option style housing that's used with the brakeless front Hummer hub. Is that correct?

Is the dash on a 59 Hummer a 59 dash with the larger speedo hole for the 59 and up speedo or a Hummer dash with the smaller hole? Was the dash with the "Hummer" name on it used in 59 or should it have no name?

If the smaller dash is to be used is the 57/58 speedo correct?

Thanks for your help.