From:Backyard Bob e-mail:Somewere in NJ
Subject:RE: WTB 1959 ST or STU engine case Date:Thu Nov 20 23:23:57 2014
Response to:20009
There are those of us that regularly light candles for Duane and pray he lives to be a 100 plus....and Janice there to challenge him with a new project. If you've coupled up with him you've found the greatest mentor.

I am looking to buy a left side 1959 ST or STU engine case. If you do not want to split up a pair I would be open to purchasing both the left and right side. Let me know what you have.

PS- I have been using Duane Taylor as a resource the last 6 months as I begin my '59 project- a great person for parts and knowledge (but all of you know this)