From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Grandmother's old 62' Scat, low miles..need tech help.. Date:Sat Nov 22 09:34:47 2014
Response to:20013

You gotta cut a deal with your F-I-L - you'll clean it up again, and he can ride it any time he wants - but it sleeps in YOUR shop, not that dusty old barn!

Check over in the Parts section, a number of sources there. Duane Taylor, J&M Collectibles for parts; and Mutt Hallam for engine work/advice - are the first ones off my tongue.

You're not too far from the San Francisco boys - John Dutra and Gene Underwood - they have similar model bikes. And Dean Hummer is only a couple hours away.

You're fortunate to have an original bike, well-preserved - except for the dust. A few hours replacing the head gasket (and carb gasket while you're at it) should get it Hummin' again soon.

I'll bet you'll be at Dixon next summer!

And now, 16 years later, it sits, dusty and neglected again.