From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: RE: Grandmother's old 62' Scat, low miles..need tech help.. Date:Mon Nov 24 16:05:27 2014
Response to:20024
Please note the scat without the trail kit upgrade comes
with a chain guard and 2 grasshopper tires originally.

I have 2 pairs of original 1962 Goodyear Grasshopper
tires in perfect condition. I would be willing to trade
you a complete set and some cash for that Continental
Sport rear trail kit tire. They are very hard to find,
been looking for one for 5 years now. I also have several
other spare parts for the 62 Scat that you may be
interested in. give me an email sometime at if you want to talk.


Hello all, i just found his site so im
excited that there is a group of people commited to
preserving these old singles. I have a 1962 scat that
blonged to my wifes grandmother. The story was she used
to "put around" on the farm on it here in Caliornia. It
only has 745 miles on the odemeter and is pretty much
completley original. When she got older she stopped using
it and it sat for many years in the barn/ shop behind a
bunch of stuff. Although indoors, it was near a window
and the sun faded out one side of the gas tank form years
of sunlight. The paint and decal is still in tact, but
not nearly as nice as the other side. After her
grandmother passed in 1976, my father in law kept it, but
it still sat in the same spot. In 1998 i convinced hom to
let me pull it out and get it cleaned up and tey to get
it running again. After a couple weeks of tinkering, i
was able to get it clos to its former glory. I did not
replace or repaint anything, i only disassembled,
cleaned, and reassembed it. I did change the seat to a
NOS one that i found with the bike, since the original
one was toast. It still had its original tires
(continental); i actually rode the bike about a mile. It
ran hot and would not idle down. After further
investigation, it appeared that the gasket between the
head has became brittle and was sucking air. I had spoken
to a guy back eat about reapairing the engine for me or
at least selling me the part, but i never persued it. So
after a freshening up, some photos (including one with my
father in law sitting on it), it went back to his house.
It eventually ended up back in the shop where it started.
And now, 16 years later, it sits, dusty and neglected
again. This morning i had breakfast with. My father in
law and we talked about my 1955 bmw 250 single i just
found and it inspired him to again get the old hummer
going. So i will be picking it up again and taking it ot
my shop to get it running again. Hopefully to never again
sit in the dusty barn.
With that said, i am looking for advice and help with
locating the parts and gasket i need. Any help or advice
much appreciated.
I will try to post some pics of the bike when i dig them
up out of the photo album. (Back from when pictures were
still on paper, lol)
--Shawn Farmer, Galt, CA