Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1962 Harley Scat Hella Horn Date:Wed Nov 26 18:46:31 2014
Response to:20032
Just to clarify, the Goodyear Grasshopper tires are Not
For Sale. I am only interested in trading them for a
Ranger/Trail kit rear tire, Continental Sport 3.50 X 18.
the other stuff is open for sale or trade though.


I checked my mail and didn't see anything in there from
you Bill. my email is


I have the horn plug. Check your junk mail.
Hello Everyone, my name is Mark.

I'm working on restoring my 2 1962 Harley Scats. My
engines were already finished by Bruce Mackenzie (who
does excellent work, BTW!) And the speedometers and a few
other things were done by Duane Taylor, which is very
lucky for me! But I'm still looking for the little things
for points. Trying to build one standard, and one with
the trail kit. As many accessories as possible.

Does anyone have that little black plastic decal logo
plug that says Hella? Fits over the horn adjuster screw
in the middle there? (pic included)

I'm also looking for the Continental Sport Rear tire that
fits a '62 Ranger or the '62 scat with the trail kit.
3.50 x 18

Also need new 84 tooth bolt-on Aluminum trail kit rear
sprocket, mine is kind of chowed. Some new-in-box chains
for either model would be nice, maybe a glass tail light
lens, those are hard to come by. Red hand grips?

I have money for anyone who can find me a left side '62
case marked BTF****!

Have interesting things to trade, NOS parts, complete '49
Harley 125 girder front end with headlight bucket and
speedo, '62 Scat saddlebag, really cool rifle holster
with mounts (non-harley), Beautiful pair of 3.50x18 4-ply
Goodyear Grasshopper tires with no cracks and '62 date

Shoot me an email if you have any parts that are
compatible with mine, it's much harder when you need two
of everything.