From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: 63 tooth sprocket Date:Sun Nov 30 03:12:03 2014
Response to:19823
I imagine that this is the rear tire has that setup on
it, which is called the trail kit upgrade package. it
came with a slightly more padded seat, a longer chain, no
chain guard, and a special roller to keep the chain from
rubbing the frame. It also has a different tooth count
gear attached to the engine drive shaft to up the gear
ratio for hill climbing. Also has a very rare continental
sport knobby rear tire

I would be very interested in buying that sprocket from
you, as it fit's my 1962 scat as well. do you know what
kind of tire came with the rim? is it a continental
dirtbike tire size 3.50 x 18, because i will trade you a
very nice set of expensive 1962 grasshopper tires with
rims, just to get my hands on that one tire. i'll even
throw in the chain guard. It will make your scat a stock
bike with the correct original skins, it just won't have
the trail kit anymore. I've been offered 2500 just for
the tires alone.

let me know if you're interested,
Mark Ferra

Good morning, I just received an 18" rear wheel in
the mail and it has a 63 tooth sprocket on it. Can anyone
tell me anything about this? It looks to be a Harley
made product. Thanks in advance.