From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: 1962 Harley Scat Date:Sun Nov 30 03:52:20 2014
Response to:19471
I was looking at your collection, it is beyond
It's likely that you have the parts i've been hunting for
forever, specifically the little plastic horn plug for
the Hella 6V horn, or the original 3.50 x 18 Continental
Sport rear knobby that only fits the ranger, and the 1962
scat. I have a few rare parts of my own I would be
willing to part with. if you can find me a complete trail
kit rear tire with large sprocket bolt on kit (i have the
bolts, just need new aluminum gear). I will happily trade
you a complete set of 1962 Goodyear Grasshopper tires
with rims and hubs. they have the correct 1962 date code
and are absolutely flawless, no cracks or weathering.
I'll even throw in the chain guard to convert it back to
a standard '62 scat.

Let me know what you think,
Mark Ferra

P.S. you wouldn't happen to have a left side BTF case
would you?

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