From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: work for parts Date:Sun Nov 30 04:06:49 2014
Response to:19424
Will the headlight from a 1962 scat work?

Anyone out there got a spare 1951-1958
125/165 headlamp in good condition? I need a headlight to
finish my 52 and don't want to use a repop on it. This
bike is a super fine example, with all primo parts. I"d
be willing to do a complete bottom end restore on
whatever 125/165/175 motor ya got. I'll disassemble the
entire bottom end, blast and scrub cases and side covers,
disassemble and rebuild flywheels with new upper and
lower rod bearings, reasemble and true flywheels, 3 new
main bearings, new crank seals and gen gasket, new
Diamond primary chain,re-parkerize the parts on the motor
that should be, blast and wire brush all internal parts,
clean and test generator or mag,2 new trans
bearings,gasket & seal, and all new case and cover
hardware and reassemble and time motor. You only need to
pay shipping and I ship the aboslute cheapest way.
Shouldn't be but about $32 including insurance.

I always go outta my way to ship the cheapest way
possible, it's not an inconvience, it's the right way to
do business. I'm not lazy and don't want to make money
off shipping. I bought a cable a few days ago, the guy
charged me $16.72 to ship a outer cable housing that
weighed about 3 oz, I like to had a heart attack when I
saw the bill !!!

Just offering,