Subject:RE: ebay Date:Mon Dec 15 07:34:19 2014
Response to:20079
THUS all the noise Now on Ebay.
Ebay likes it that way, cluttered full of the Same Thing over and over again at a higher price.
That is way Ebay, now gives FREE listings.

Anyone Who Sells anything knows how Low Page Visits have been this Holiday Season. NO ONE is BUYING.

Ebay will not even consider a complaint, until you Call their Service Center and waist your time on the phone.

Good Luck

I'm getting really pissed. As all of you know that follow ebay there is an advertiser that keeps junking up the listings with their halogen and rice rocket lamps and lens. I reached out to them and asked them to stop and was told "We have a number of Harley Hummer owners that have converted to 12 volts and buy our products frequently. Quit harassing us". I've even reported them to ebay with no response (just one voice in the wind). PLEASE take the time and send your complaints in also before they take over the category.