From:Darvin Jahnke
Subject:Need help to identify a bike Date:Wed Dec 17 13:00:09 2014
Hello. My name is Darvin Jahnke and I live in NW. MN. Not much bike riding here now. I have a project bike that I'm trying to identify. I hesitate to call it a hummer as I realize only certain models were true hummers but it is that style bike. I'm not good with the computer but I'd like to describe some of the features and see if someone could give me an approximate year and model.Starting at the front, it has teleglide forks. The coil bracket is welded to the upper frame tube and the clamp that holds the coil is riveted to that part. The rear engine mounting plate has the number 7 stamped in it. It has solid footpegs and the sidestand mount is welded to the footpeg tube, to the lower frame rail and to the frame downtube.This bracket has 2 ears that stick out with a bolt between them.There is a horn mounting bracket welded to the upper frame tube, behind the seat spring bracket. The chain adjusters are the type that face forward and the bolt fits in a small square block that is slotted to the outside. This is a project\basket case and I don't have an engine for it so if anyone knows of a repairable engine, any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Darvin