From:gene underwood
Subject:RE: Used parts needed Date:Thu Dec 18 11:56:57 2014
Response to:20091
good morning travis. I have an original battery that has some orange color still on it (dates it 55-59). It would be a good one to gut and use shell of. im looking for some 63 scat parts. ineterested in some bartering?? Gene

Hi there all,
I am still in need of some good used parts for a "Rustoration" I am doing for some friends. It is an all original 1953 165 but it has a 1965 muffler on it. I would buy outright or trade this one and some $$ for a very nice original. I also need an original battery that I can gut and put a new modern battery into. Or a reasonably priced repo shell. I have cash or some rare parts to trade. Email me directly please,


The Harley Hummer Nut