Subject:Pieces and guy Date:Thu Dec 18 17:45:51 2014
Looking to start a build on a flat tracker to run at a local track just for fun..I know little to nothing about these 2 strokes ..owned a couple through the years but used them for trade goods to support bug twin stuff.
So , as I don' t want to hack up really good parts, and I have literally nothing.
Who on here might have a 55-56 motorthat is complete but needs a build..might even do a 59 but that knocks me out of running vintage LSR if I happen to get the bug again.
Any pointers appreciated, yea I am going to get the puckett pamphlet.
Who has the best parts and Manuel's for a decent price.?
My history , drag raced and LSR..up to nitro so I have a clue about working on stuff, new to harley 2 strokes not 2 strokes in general , scrambles and CC in the distant past .
Thanks Boog