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I was one of the guys that used the big 6v dry cell (lantern battery). Not for racing, but just so I could ride . The charging system on this 1952 125 was mostley missing and what was there was "toast". I was 14 years old (1965) and it was just too expensive to do a proper repair. I could however buy a dry cell on occasion.

Now as for racing, a total loss ignition has many advantages. A mag or generator robs power to spin against the magnets. This is known as parastic drag. Plus weight can be loss by completely removing all the mag or generator parts. Also the removal of the armature will lessen the inertia. It would be like lighting the flywheels. The big advantage would be the use of a modern 12 volt lithium battery. The smaller ones weigh just a few ounces. Pair it with a high voltage automotive type coil Gap that plug @ about .040 for a big HOT spark.
back in the day lots of guys ran total loss ignitions on these bikes while racing. most used the big 6v dry cell lantern battery.

Thanks for the welcome..LSR is land speed racing and antiques have to be
'56 and earlier.
I am mostly wanting to build this to run local , maybe Wauseon.
So 55-56 in case I want to run antique at a land speed event and maybe
'59 because me and the bike would be the same age !
And so far as an ignition system , I would prefer total loss using a battery ,
make life simple , I have used total loss systems in all my drag bikes and
LSR bikes...see no reason I can't run one on a flat track if needed.
Magneto would be ok but best I can tell a working unit is scarce and if
found pricey at best!
Looking for cheap fun, I am not looking to get back into "spend all ya got "
raceing ...done that, lol.
Anyway ..any leads on motors or race parts appreciated !



Welcome to the Hummer arena!
What is "LSR" ?
The hummers race at Davenport Iowa. and Wauseon Ohio.
Twice a year. That's all. 1/2 mile dirt track. about 60 mph or better! We
need more racers!

Please don't hack up any parts!

You mention 1955, 1956, and 1959.....WHY?

These engines are either 125cc magneto ignition, or 165cc with a
generator ignition. These are good engines but for racing I recommend a
165 or 175cc engine from 1960 to 1966. These engines utilize a magneto
ignition, and will save a little weight (no battery).

The rules for racing either event is very simple.... Just follow the rules. Call
us for details. Must use a stock fuel tank, stock cylinder, etc. You can
modify the exhaust and carb! Call us if you need the official rules....217-
four 16- o7 three three.

Next you will probably want a larger carb, and a expansion chamber
exhaust. Perhaps a porting job. And don't forget a Puckett stuffer plate,
which will also aid in compression.
Once dialed in, you will want some tires that bite into dirt, going 60 mph
into a tight corner.

Remember....Davenport and Wauseon are only 1/2 mile dirt flat
tracks.....60 MPH is fast on a little hummer! Especially into the turns! Hang

Here is a link to a recent Hummer Race at Wauseon:

You will have to cut and paste the above link, or simply do a search on
youtube for "Harley Hummer Davenport" , or "Harley Hummer Wauseon" .

Alan Lyons.

Looking to start a build on a flat tracker to run at a local track just
for fun..I know little to nothing about these 2 strokes ..owned a couple
through the years but used them for trade goods to support bug twin stuff.
So , as I don' t want to hack up really good parts, and I have literally
Who on here might have a 55-56 motorthat is complete but needs a
build..might even do a 59 but that knocks me out of running vintage LSR if I
happen to get the bug again.
Any pointers appreciated, yea I am going to get the puckett pamphlet.
Who has the best parts and Manuel's for a decent price.?
My history , drag raced and LSR..up to nitro so I have a clue about working
on stuff, new to harley 2 strokes not 2 strokes in general , scrambles and
CC in the distant past .
Thanks Boog