Subject:RE: Things to look for when purchasing Date:Mon Dec 29 17:07:28 2014
Response to:20114
Take photos from the Members Pages of the 1958's with you for comparison. If you have a smart phone que up the photos. Ask for a title. If it doesn't have one it can cost you $400+ to get one through a titling service. Remember that rust and rotten rubber costs money to fix/replace. If you step on the kickstart lever and the motor doesn't budge you've got expensive problems there. Look inside the gas tank with a flashlight and look for heavy rusting. If there are parts missing go on eBay to see what they'll cost you or go to for reference.

Hi, I am going to look at a 1958 hummer this weekend for possible purchase. It is an older restoration and the man does not know alot about it....what should I be looking for?