Subject:RE: RE: 1962 Scat Megaphone Muffler and Seat Springs Wanted Date:Sun Jan 11 18:50:02 2015
Response to:20140
I'm having the same problem. I bought a chrome, later, muffler and took the bracket off. Hey, Duane, Space X has been having a few problems lately. Maybe you could run off a few dozen of these before you leave for the Moon with your lovely wife Janet? When people ask us where we got the great mufflers we can point 'upward' and smile!

I am also seeking 2 of these megaphone mufflers. The
1962 model is one year only, only came in black, and has
a downward facing bracket relative to every other year.

Both the ones i have are modified later year mufflers with
bad cut-offs, re-welded with improper brackets.

I could use a pair of brackets if anyone has some made
up, maybe try to clean off the bad welds, pretty thin metal
though. Also need an end stud for one of them.
Having Duane make some re-pops may be our only
option bud.

Looking for a Megaphone muffler for a 1962 Scat and
seat springs email me at or text to
918-206-4373 thanks