From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: 1954 st165 for sale Date:Tue Jan 13 18:37:13 2015
Response to:20149

Nice looking bike! The high-level exhaust system was a factory accessory, pipe is correct, however, your muffler looks like Buck Rogers in the 21st Century!

Petcocks are a real problem - ethanol gas eats up the seals, and then they won't turn completely off. Most of the aftermarket ones available are even worse - don't bother. Used ones? Some that have never seen C2H5OH may work, others may leak. And some used ones have the opposite problem - they won't "pass gas".

But few/none eBay sellers will guarantee functionality.

One guy on eBay a few months back had 5 NOS ones. Sold quickly, then he posted 5 more. I snagged one. Keep looking - maybe he has a few more stashed that will come out sometime.


I have a 1954 harley st165 that I'm looking to sell