From:K. Hummer
Subject:RE: 1954 st165 for sale Date:Wed Jan 14 09:47:51 2015
Response to:20148
The muffler looks a lot like it is from a 1968
harley/aermacchi 125 rapido


I have a 1954 harley st165 that I'm looking to sell

The bike came to me with the typical story of sitting in
a basement since the early seventies.

It seems that someone restored or simply repainted the
bike back in 71. I have the 1971 title, the inspection
sticker shows an expiration of 1972, and the license
plate is dated from 71-72. So I want to believe the

The bike didn't run. I replaced the wiring harness, and
gave the bike a full tune up. She shows just under 100
psi on a compression test.

The bike does run, but the carb is in poor shape to make
it "road ready". The flange that mounts to the cylinder
is cracked, and I think she's running lean because of
that. I didn't want to push it. But it will start
right up. Getting a good crisp idle and "snappy"
acceleration is a chore.

It also seems that something must have fallen on the bike
while sitting for 40 years. There is a minor dent on the
gas tank, one of the seat springs is bent and the rear
fender is a bit wonky.

I have been told that the exhaust is off of an off-road
model harley. I kind of like the look so I left it

The petcock currently leaks a very small amount of fuel
when off. I am looking into sourcing a replacement

I'm ASKING $3700

Anyone is free to come check it out and I can send
pictures of anything of interest. Bike is located in
northwest New Jersey. 07825

Email is

Thanks for looking,