From:Jim Blum
Subject:RE: magneto model gas tank for sale Date:Tue Jan 20 16:43:08 2015
Response to:20157
I have a '59 St165 engine and fuel on a Hummer with the Hummer stamped in the dash. I don't know if the bike is a '59 Hummer frame or maybe earlier. I would like to trade my tank for yours and get the correct year engine for my 'true' Hummer,too. would you consider? I'm pretty sure it was hi-fi green from the old paint on the bottom. I can send a pic if interested.

I started piecing together a 1958B and then came across a "complete" one to restore; this is an extra tank. Good tabs, clean inside, ready to be blasted & painted or use as is. $300.00 firm.