From:Mark Ferra
Subject:RE: RE: Mystery Part Date:Mon Jan 26 17:33:25 2015
Response to:20188
Thank you Brent, my parts book didn't list any of that. I
still need the dimensions of the spacer and which bolt to
use i guess. Don't think i'm going to find one for sale.

My parts book shows the spacer as (#31) 59143-62 Used with
(#20)7230 lockwasher & (#22) 7675 nut. No bolt is pictured.

I've hit a bit of a brick wall on this, looked everywhere.

There is a spacer that goes between the fender and the
lower fork for a 1962 Scat. the spacer is pictured in the
parts guide, but there is no part number.

The bolt and the spacer are both unlisted with no number on
the parts diagram, does anyone know if this is the exact
same spacer as the chain guard spacer? (60326-54A) and
which bolt I should use?