From:Backyard Bob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersy
Subject:RE: Grease and Engine Bearings Date:Mon Jan 26 21:45:49 2015
Response to:20196
It's always been my understanding the gas/oil mixture provides the lubrication so there shouldn't be any seals on the bearings. The seals in the cases are supposed to keep everything separate. I hope our expert engine re-builders answer here for my better understanding also!

Do any of the bearings in a 1960 Super 10 get packed with grease before re-assembling the engine? These would be the flywheel shaft bearings and the two bearings for the transmission shaft. I have two new flywheel shaft bearings (#9008) which are packed with a green grease as new? My new bearing for the magneto side of the flywheel appears sealed with a rubber cap although my old one had exposed bearings? Any information/clarification is much appreciated. Thanks. Bill