From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 1954 Regulator Date:Thu Feb 5 16:55:45 2015
Response to:20225
Sorry, no extra regulators in my stash.

I usually see one or two of these regulators at each AMCA swap meet. The one you want is the 1118307, which will be marked 307 on one of the feet.

The '283 will also work. It is the same size and shape, the only difference is internal - the way adjustments are made.

More regulator information can be found at

Hi All,

My brother just bought a very complete '54 165 ST down in Arizona. Looks to be in great shape considering it has been sitting in a barn for 25+ years.

The regulator on the bike is missing the cover - who knows for how long. Given that the works have been exposed, we are thinking that a replacement might be in order. Of course, have not been able to find anything that has the tabs on the cover instead of screws anywhere (I think that is correct? -

Does anyone have a correct regulator in their stash or at least a correct cover they might be willing to part with?