Subject:Headlights Date:Sun Feb 8 23:34:45 2015
When I purchased my '56 165 about 50 years ago, it essentially no sheet metal (except the tank, if that counts) and no lights. Didn't matter much then, since I rode it on trails. I've been gathering pieces for the past several years to put it on the road and am down to needing a couple of major parts, a headlight and a chain guard.

Mutt has written a very good description of how the chain guards changed over the years, but I can't find much in the How to Restore section about headlights. I was wondering if anyone knows of a resource that accurately describes (pictures would be great) the various headlights used, the bucket sizes, the electrical connections, and even the Cycle Ray stamp - block style or script writing?

I have written a couple of the experts on the board who have parts. They have offered extremely nice restored OEM headlights that I just can't afford, even though I am sure that they are worth all that they are asking. My hope is that I might find a headlight I can restore, but don't know enough to know what I am looking for.