From:Brent Dugan
Subject:RE: hella Date:Mon Feb 9 12:39:02 2015
Response to:20243
Hey Duane,
I'll take one. Ship it and tell me what I owe you!


HELLA HORNS. (AKA hell-of-a-crappy horn)

My friend and occasional visitor Mark Herra brought his Hella horn to the shop Friday with a part and a question. Could I reproduce/make the black horn button that goes in the horn face. As you may (or not) know, the little button is .420 diameter and in small, very fine line print the name HELLA is debossed in the center. Thanks Mark, I really needed another problem to solve but a challenge is----

That said, the answer is yes.
Black button is done, ready, turned out very nice. Mark's
specimen was slightly damaged but I had a good original to copy. I will make a few for those in need and Mark can pick up his in person.

Duane Taylor,ancient