From:John Dutra
Subject:RE: Hummer B '58 in Europe Date:Sun Feb 22 11:08:48 2015
Response to:20274
Hi Adam and welcome to our little club.I really like your
bike and I'm sure your one of the few if that many in
Europe that owns one. I'm sure it will attract a lot of
interest where ever you ride it.
I'm glad you found us and I'm sure the experts here can
help with any questions or service needs you may have. At
the same time we may be needing some expertise from you on
the DKW front. In the mean time you can check out the
pictures of a lot of the members bikes and swap meet/show
Again, welcome and stay in touch and how about some more
pictures of your different bikes. Were really short on
information on what all came out of DKW design besides the
Harley's and BSA Bantams.

Hi to all Harley Hummer riders ;)

My name is Adam and I'm from Poland in Europe. I collect
motorcycles based on DKW RT 125. I already own: Russian
Moskva M1A, Polish Sokół 125 and German DKW RT 125.

I've just managed to buy Harley Hummer B built in 1958.
Engine number is 58B1744.
It has been brought from USA to Germany about 20 years
ago. It hasn't been driven for this time but has been
standing on exhibition.
It's in great and original condition. The odometer shows
only 770 miles. The tires are also original and almost
unused. Braking pads look like new.
My Hummer is equipped with some additional parts, like
toolbox, speedometer and safety guard. The only thing that
should not be in my Harley is horn holder welded to the
frame - as I know it should not be there in 1958.
There are some small parts or bolts to change but
generally I'm not going to reconstruct it and will leave
it in as found condition.

I've got a question to all of you. Do you know how many
Hummers there are in Europe or in Poland? I didn't find
any information about it.

Best regards from Poland,