From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Correct lens for 1948 S125 Date:Wed Feb 25 12:24:03 2015
Response to:20277

The taillight for a 1949 looks like this. The red lens, shown here as 5054-20 was renumbered in 1951 to 68091-20.

However, the red lens was new for the 1948-later Model 125 - it had H-D 125 embossed at the "point" of the lens, but they did not change the part number.

These are very hard to find. The -20 item, used up until about 1938, will work fine, and repops are available.

Is the correct lens for a 1948 s125 have the words guide-HH-58? just curious because I bought what I was told was a NOS lens for my bike and it looks nothing like the guide lens that I saw posted as an original.
Thanks in advance