Subject:RE: RE: Hummer B '58 in Europe Date:Sun Mar 1 06:47:34 2015
Response to:20276
Hi Gene,
thank you for your response.
I've sent you an e-mail but it could get into spam folder as
I attached some pictures.
Let me know please if you don't receive it so I will send
one more time.

Good morning Adam!
Your hummer is beautiful! I would love to see pictures of
the others you
I am gene undrwood. I live in San Francisco , California.
I also collect that motor. I have a few hummers. I also
have an English
BSA bantam, and a DKW. I don't know how many hummers in
are in
Europe or Poland, but I have a question for you!
Do you know anything about the Kovrov Arms Factory K125? I
have one
of those, I believe it to be a 1954. It's the only one in
the USA that I know
of. I have been having a terribly hard time finding any
information on it.
Can you help me?