From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Gasket Sealer Date:Sun Mar 1 12:48:38 2015
Response to:20290
I've not worked on Super-10s, mine is a "S". Fit of the cases is the biggest part, make sure there is no gape between the cases first. There can be better sealers but I have used a shellac gasket sealer very carefully coating both the gasket and the case installing the gasket on the one side then doing the final assembly with seal in both gasket and case. The pom-pom on the stick/cap is a terrible tool I cut 1/2 the bristle length off a cheep kids paint brush and keep the shellac thin and even. I've never had a leak at the case, drip from the trans out put shaft and the clutch rod now that is a seal with a purpose.

Can anyone recommend a "good gasket sealer" for use between the two crankcase halves of my Super 10 engine? There are all sorts of colors, types and brands at my auto parts store including gasket maker, gasket shellac, form a gasket, Hi-Tack sealant, etc. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.