From:Harley e-mail:Harley
Subject:RE: RE: Harley6 Date:Wed Mar 11 11:50:59 2015
Response to:20322
The tanks are a original Wassell banana tank I split and added triumph tiger
cub caps to on both sides. The t bar is a 36 knuckle seat tbar mounted on a
1920's tractor leaf spring I had gold plated. I had to make a lot of the stuff
as most motorcycle parts are too big for the skinny bike I wanted to make.
It's almost done and will be at the Quail Motorcycle gathering in California
in May.

That is just crazy, i see at least 4 models of bikes in
there, and a few non-harley parts too.

Anyone know what he pulled those tanks and T-bar off of?
I really like how that looks.