From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Definition of a craftsman Date:Fri Mar 27 22:57:08 2015
Response to:20347
Ya, what he said. I am proud to have Classic cycles fenders on my '48.

In Duane's words "I have to 'slightly' disagree with you".
Duane is a perfectionist. Unlike the Bosses we've worked with I suspect he never expected it of his employees. He demands it of himself and will never settle for anything less than perfection. I met the man and spent a day with him. I would have LOVED to have met him earlier and worked for him.... and learned from him. A true Gentleman who was(is)proud of his accomplishments in life and, for only reasons that he understands, has focused on helping to preserve the Harley lightweights. Thanks Duane.

Duane Taylor