From:Tom Webb
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Definition of a craftsman Date:Sat Mar 28 13:06:11 2015
Response to:20348
We must agree wholeheartedly with your description of Duane. Although we have never met, our phone conversations have been full of helpful information. We have purchased parts and received advice from that Harley mind several times. Very thankful to have been pointed in his direction by Charles "Mutt" Hallum. We'd like to add Mutt to the "craftsman" definition. During the past few years, he has restored 10 or 12 bikes, mostly hummers and 1 servi-car. We have observed many hours of painstaking, detailed and tedious work to place the perfect bolt or other mis-matched part on our bikes. We now have a pretty good sized collection that we would not have if not for his craftsmanship and that of his friend/assistant Beau.

Ya, what he said. I am proud to have Classic cycles fenders on my '48.

In Duane's words "I have to 'slightly' disagree with you".
Duane is a perfectionist. Unlike the Bosses we've worked with I suspect he never expected it of his employees. He demands it of himself and will never settle for anything less than perfection. I met the man and spent a day with him. I would have LOVED to have met him earlier and worked for him.... and learned from him. A true Gentleman who was(is)proud of his accomplishments in life and, for only reasons that he understands, has focused on helping to preserve the Harley lightweights. Thanks Duane.

Duane Taylor