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Born in '52 1970 was my freedom year (but my Mom had to sign for me to get married) My 'bride' was 18 and considered an adult. That was the beginning of my 'experience' as Jimmy Hendrick's would say. Yea, the cars that came afterwards were an abomination but the 60's muscle cars were still considered 'new' as they only had low mileage at that point. My 'wife' and I bought a 1962 convertible bug after my '56 Chevy cracked it's block and lived in Southern California. Boonesfarm wine cocktails and lot's of pot smoking.... we were living the American Dream at the time. Janis Joplin could really sing but too ugly to look at for too long.... Charlie Manson started his crap, Berkley was happening and Nam was taking away all my friends. I'd had a Honda 90 before I got my car but in California I built my first 'chopper' from a basket case: a 1956 BSA 650 Road Rocket. Bad choice. Parts were impossible to find and I had to find a whole new set of tools (Whitworth? What the Frack were they thinking over the pond?)But I did it. Two wheels on a Summer night in California was two wheels on a Summer night. Avocado Dave? SO MUCH BETTER than White, white, white EVERYTHING! (at the time. My memories of that time, though clouded in drugged brain fog, are fun to enjoy now that I'm an old frack :-)
I do, however, share your dislike for the Bee Gee's and the Brady Bunch. I had lingering thoughts of Mary Tyler Moore and her pointed bra's on the Dick Van Dike Show but those faded over the years and now I think of what 'might have been' if I'd met Sandra Bullock somewhere along the line... Ha!

Wow - far out man - groovy.

Remember those 1970's refrigerators and toilets in colors like Avocado and Harvest Gold? These were created by ex-hippies who did too much LSD in the 1960s, and then in the 1970s, they started having flashbacks and seeing colors. Except those colors were not quite as phantasmagorical as the ones from 10 years earlier.

When we moved into this house, it had an Avocado refrigerator, one bathroom had a Harvest Gold toilet, soap holder, toilet paper roll holder, etc. the other bathroom had the same items in Beige, and the powder room had the same items in somewhere between Avocado and Puke Green.

Needless to say, I quickly renovated all three bathrooms.

I don't have anything against the 1970s, except perhaps Disco, the BeeGees, the Brady Bunch, Avocado anything, the gas "crisis", and emasculated cars still sporting the names of 1960's Muscle Cars.

OK, maybe I do...

LOL, No, I don't know how ta use photoshop, I snipped it from your photo's last year at the meet,like Bob said,it gave me flashbacks from the 60's