From:John Dutra
Subject:RE: Indian Date:Tue Apr 14 10:46:41 2015
Response to:20390
Very cool, it's interesting how many little niche markets
U.S. manufacturers were able to quickly fill just by
reaching out to what was probably desperate Europeans still
struggling after the war.
Heres one I took at Dixon last year, no where near as cool
as yours but has to be pretty rare nonetheless.

I was looking thru stuff to take to Oley and found this ad
in "The Indian Magazine" Holiday Issue 1948,I posted it in
the AMCA facebook site because I didn't know Indian had a
"125" and was surprised to see it- Here is one of the
coments from the site~

I have one hanging on the wall. Imported from Czechoslovakia
by Indian (from CZ motorcycles) to compete against the
Harley hummer. Indian just sold it as their own. handshift
and footshift models. like most eastern European bikes they
are sturdy but kind of rough finish. Are you selling this