From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Indian Date:Tue Apr 14 11:17:28 2015
Response to:20390
I'm not 100% of all my Indian history, but here goes:

After Indian's demise in 1953, Brockhouse Engineering (England) purchased the company and imported the Royal Enfield line of motorcycles, rebranding them as Indians. I believe the 500cc and 700cc sold fairly well, as I remember seeing a lot of them in years gone by. Brockhouse also made a line of Corgi scooters.

This site has some interesting Enfield-Indian info:

In the 1960s and 70s, Floyd Clymer "purchased" the rights, and sold all kinds of things under the Indian name. Most of these, I think, were Italian-made.

Apparently, the CZ-125 was introduced in 1948, about the same time as the Hummer, Bantam, Moskow, Yamaha, and others appeared on the scene.

Check out the photo at the right of the first row:

I suspect Brockhouse started selling them in the US as "Indians" in the early/mid 1950s while the 2-stroke design of the DKW RT-125 was still a hot ticket.

I have one hanging on the wall. Imported from Czechoslovakia by Indian (from CZ motorcycles) to compete against the Harley hummer. Indian just sold it as their own. handshift and footshift models. like most eastern European bikes they are sturdy but kind of rough finish.