From:Duane Taylor
Subject:RE: Oh No - Yoder No Go Date:Mon Apr 27 17:06:01 2015
Response to:20425

Dear OH NO:

Restoring the Yoder horn is ancient history.
To successfully do this, wrap the horn remnant securely,
put it in a little box and send it off to Duane Taylor.
I know for certain he has rebulbed some 40 or 50 of these
noisy little things. Amazingly, they all had the correct toot when rebulbolated and squeezed properly.

Enaud F Rolyat

My original Yoder horn has finally given up the ghost. When I pulled my 55 Hummer out this spring, I noticed the bulb was flopping around a little. Closer inspection shows the rubber is cracked near where it meets the ferrule.

Has anyone successfully re-bulbed this horn? Where did you find the replacement bulb?


The change from 69001-55 to 69001-55A horn occurred in 1959, not 1960 as told in the How To Restore section. Here's a scan of a 1959 Supplement Spare Parts Catalog. But we still have no idea what the 69001-55A looked like...