From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Harley 1952 Model 125 for sale in Michigan Date:Tue May 19 14:30:11 2015
Response to:20484

You're not totally illiterate - you managed to find with your web browser!!! Now you gotta type that ugly thing below into your web browser instead.

The bike looks pretty nice - it's all there. Wrong color paint, 1952 did not come in white. It's got some rust from sitting, though.

The ad says: "Has been in storage for at least 12 years. Ran ok when parked. Kicks over fine. Likely needs gaskets and a new battery."

For $4950, the owner should invest in a $12 battery, and get it started. "Ran ok when parked" never has given me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Sorry, I do not know how to pull this info up. I wanted to review your 1952 125 Harley. I am computer ILLITERATE so please send via email if possible. Phone-318-865-7732
Thank for your time and assistance.