From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Super 10 / Hummer gas tank 1959-1960 Date:Tue May 26 00:13:24 2015
Response to:20492
Don't scrap that gas tank unless it's rusted through!

I recently rejuvenated a 1954 KH gas tank that had been parked 25 years ago with a full tank of gas. The gas slowly evaporated, leaving an incredible amount of rust and sludge.

I put a large handful of deck screws (or sheetmetal or wood screws) in it and shook, shook, shook. I got about a pound of rust out of it. The screws have lots of cutting surfaces, where nuts and bolts don't. Deck screws work quite well.

I used a POR15 Cycle Tank Kit. The kit contains a quart of cleaner/sludge remover, a quart of rust-remover, and a half-pint of sealer.

You MUST follow the directions!!! The sealer will not stick to sludge, so you must make sure the cleaner has gotten all the sludge out. I had to leave the cleaner in my tank for an extra day, and do some scraping with improvised tools.

You MUST follow the directions!!! The sealer will not stick to heavy rust, so you must get as much of the rust out as possible. Shaking with deck screws really got all the heavy rust out, and the rust-remover easily cleaned up the rest.

You MUST follow the directions!!! The sealer will not stick to water. When it says "get the tank thoroughly dry", IT MEANS THOROUGHLY DRY.

I put a heat gun in the filler hole, and let air exhaust out of the petcock hole. After 15 minutes, the tank metal was hot, but careful examination with a small flashlight revealed that it still had a little water inside. Rolled the tank around to get the water on the hot part of the metal, then put the heat gun back in. And repeat. And repeat. Gas tanks are incredibly hard to get THOROUGHLY DRY.

Also, I got a rubber stopper that was a good fit in the petcock hole. The sealer is a thick specialized paint, and you want to keep the sealer out of the threads.

My tank came out just fine. I have heard some horror stories about tank sealers coming off and causing a big mess, but that's because people DID NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. When it says clean, it means CLEAN. When it says thoroughly dry, it means THOROUGHLY DRY.

The POR 15 kit was $53, which is a lot less than the price of a gas tank. So if it's not rusted through, you can save the tank, and save some money too.


POR-15 Cycle Tank Kit - $53 free shipping

Wagner Heat Gun - $22 free shipping

Have a nice but very rusty tank from a 1960 Super 10.. has small dent in front/side.. be good for a display or template to build new ones off of...

have no idea what it's worth, but throwing it out there to see if there is any interest before i scrap it...