From:Dan Joiner
Subject:Finally the model and year Hummer I've been looking for Date:Wed Jun 3 17:33:07 2015
Hi folks!
I've been looking off and on periodically for a 1963 Scat in nice survivor condition with low miles, and after 6 or 7 years of waiting it will be here this week.

It's original owner was a lady in CO that purchased it brand new, she sold it to another gentleman about 31 years ago. This gentleman after 20 years sold it to his brother in 2004. He's retired now, and was ready to sell it at a decent price.

It has 1755 original miles, and all original with the exception of the seat being re-covered by the gentleman I purchased it from.

The seat does not appear to be a stock offering, it was originally covered in leather according the gent I purchased it from. Not sure if this is a custom mod by the original owner, or maybe an early dealer installed / modified seat.

Does anyone have any ideas here? If it's not stock / original, I will change it. Your thoughts and comments appreciated!

Thank you,

Dan Joiner