From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Finally the model and year Hummer I've been looking for Date:Wed Jun 3 23:26:28 2015
Response to:20523

What a great looking bike. Those "barn finds" are still out there, and this is one of the best looking Barnsters(R) I've seen in quite a while.

The seat is from some other bike. The 1963 Scat had the solo saddle as standard. At extra cost, you could get a buddy seat in place of the solo seat.

So you can decide whether to go solo or buddy. If you have a cute female friend who likes to snuggle up behind you, the choice is obvious. If not, take a look at the photos of various Scats over in the Member's Pages section, and see which look you like.

The solo saddle, bracket, and springs are pretty easy to find.

The CORRECT buddy seat is going to take you quite a while to find in good condition. It gets tricky...

The "All Model Buddy Seat" (AMBS) was used on Pacer/Scat, Sportster, Sprints, and even on the Big Twin, although you never see one on a Big Twin, as there were better alternatives for those.

The AMBS came in Black and White (popular), all-White (not as popular), and Red and White (rare).

There were different sets of fittings which adapted the AMBS to the different years/models.

The AMBS changed over the years, and the changes are somewhat subtle. What you need is the Version 2 of the 52486-60 (B&W), 52488-60 (R&W), 52490-60 (White).

Do NOT use the Parts Catalogs to identify the seat - the illustrations are WRONG in most of them. You need to find the proper year Accessory Catalog to identify them.

Take a look at this "unfinished, unpublished" page for K-models and Sportsters:

While much of the info there is specific to K/XL, the Buddy Seat info (1960 through 1965) is correct for Pacer/Scat too.

Scroll down to 1963 and click on the little picture of the buddy seat. That will take you to the 52486-60 VERSION 2 page which is the seat you want.

Compare with the VERSION 1 (same part number) used on 1960 to 1962. The Version 1 has the same construction, but the cover is noticeably different.

Now look at the seat used on the 1965 models - 52486-60A (B&W), 52490-60A (White). Very similar cover, but now it's replaceable. Instead of a silver metal strip riveted at the bottom, there's now a rubber strip, which hides some clips and things which hold the replaceable cover on.

The seat does not appear to be a stock offering, it was originally covered in leather according the gent I purchased it from. Not sure if this is a custom mod by the original owner, or maybe an early dealer installed / modified seat.

Does anyone have any ideas here? If it's not stock / original, I will change it. Your thoughts and comments appreciated!