From:Gene underwood
Subject:Dixon AMCA meet June 19/20, 2015 Date:Sun Jun 7 14:25:52 2015
Gene Underwood and John Dutra have again agreed to host the
West Coast edition of the Harley Hummer Hospitality Hut at the AMCA event in Dixon CA June 19-20, 2015. We will be set up in a new location,. With more room, and a very large shade tree! The new location is on the outside edge on the corner straight down the asphalt path from the entrance.
We have been representing for the harley hummer club now for 5 years, and have managed to bring together several icons in the hummer world. We even had 3 internationally known esteemed guests all under the hummer club banner at the same time: Dean Hummer, Dr. Duane Taylor, and MUTT ! Dean and his lovely wife Priscilla will be there helping, socializing, and having a great time, along with their daughter Sheila And her "lucky" husband Dan Derby, and Dean's son Keith Hummer.the whole family always comes, helped out, shares stories , and answers questions.One of our yearly guests is Otto Hoffman, who worked in the DKW factory in Germany, and his lovely wife Trudi!
The Harley Hummer Club is a reality because of people interested in theHarley lightweights made from 1948-1966. But even more than that, it is also about the incredible history of this little motor, where it came from, where it went, and all the examples out there. We here on the West coast have taken it upon ourselves to include other examples at our humble site. We have had a DKW, BSA, and an example of a Russian hummer, the Kovorets K-125.
We have a few surprises up our sleeves again this year.
As we all know, it's about a joy of these little bikes, the education and knowledge sharing, and friendship.
We will have food and drink to share!
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Gene Underwood and John Dutra