From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 65 Scat Date:Thu Jun 11 09:13:35 2015
Response to:20546

I think it best to say "Perhaps".

Our research, shown in How-To-Restore Chapter 60, finds the only factory documentation of Nugget Gold on the Hummer-series is the notoriously inaccurate GES 30143. That document shows Nugget Gold was a special color used in 1957. It shows Nugget Gold being used on 1957 Model 165, Hummer, 74" twin, and XL. While it was probably used on 1957 big twin, there are no corroborative documents showing its use on 1957 Model 165 or Hummer. Or 1957 XL for that matter.

We have no factory documentation that it was used on 1965 Scat.

John Pierce, of Color-Write (, whose forte is big twin paint, does show Nugget Gold as available in 1957-1958.

Did Harley offer Nugget Gold on 1965 Scat? Perhaps.


This is in response to TW. Yes HD made a 65 Scat with Nugget gold paint. It was an optional color. I have the only one that way.