From:backyardbob e-mail:somewhere-A-newjersey
Subject:RE: RE: Rhinebeck meet Date:Sun Jun 14 21:47:04 2015
Response to:20558
Sorry to say but Rhinebeck became a combined meet of low attendance clubs. The Colonial Chapter used to be big at the Harmony Meet but they got old and forgot how to have fun.... and began to focus on the 'Jersey attitude'. With the Oley and Brookfield meets..Rhinebeck, with Colonial in the mix, kind of found themselves in the middle of nowhere. I went twice.... and found eBay more exciting. Since I'm on my podium here let me follow with.... AMCA. Magazine and corporate hierarchy? Incorporation? I thought we were all just antique motorcycle nuts having fun. Do you remember the days when you could find a fender for $10 bucks? And if you shared a couple of cold beers the guy would give it to you for free? Now my bikes sit in the garage because I can't afford to replace any of the parts if they break or wear out! I have my 'Bud's' over, we drink beer, and they OOH & AAh as I tell them the 'old stories'. I never wanted to own a 'Museum piece'..... I just wanted to own and ride old iron with pride in knowing I got the damn things running!

I went also found only 1 Scat and very very few parts.

Hi all, did the Harley Hummer club have anyone at the
Rhinebeck NY AMCA meet this weekend? I did not see the
club represented....