From:John Dutra
Subject:RE: RE: Jiffy Stand for Scat? Date:Wed Jun 17 10:12:39 2015
Response to:20563
DUH!!!..... I guess I should have read both posts eh.
Looking forward to meeting you. If you like sloppy joe's
come hungry as we have plenty and then some for all. You
may have to fight Dean Hummer for the pickle's even though
this year I got him his own jar. We can always distract
him with potato chip's if need be.

Hoping to take the Scat to the Dixon meet on June 20th and
making a few introductions. Looking forward to meeting
other Harley lightweight enthusiasts. Beers are on me!

Just acquired a 1964 Scat with trail kit and hunting rack.
Looking for a jiffy stand that will fit a swing arm bike
with 18" wheels (without breaking the bank.)

Any help?