Subject:RE: RE: 1948 Restoration and extra parts Date:Sun Jun 28 20:33:18 2015
Response to:20567
I would be looking for a headlight, rear fender, foot pegs and the bar they go on, rear brake rod, exhaust, a luggage rack, tool box, ammeter, tail light and brake switch, rubber bands, tires, but that's about it. It's a pretty complete bike.

What parts do you need for your 48? I was going to restore a 48 and have a bunch of parts, but went with a 1954 and a 1960 165cc bikes.


A little while back I acquired a nearly complete 1948 and a whole bunch of parts for other years. I believe I have a 1949 frame, a 1957 frame, and a nearly complete 1958b basket case with sheet metal and tank. I also have a friend who is offering me first crack at a 1949 motor and a 1957b motor.

Here's my question. I am wondering if there is anyone on this site who would be willing to exchange my parts and maybe a little bit of cash for a complete restoration of my 1948. I just restored and sold a 1951s so I know what is involved. I want the 48 restored, but don't really have the time at the moment.

Anyone want to do some horse trading? I would be willing to drive the parts and my 48 to you. I live in Fargo, ND.

Let me know and thank you!