Subject:RE: 165 transmission 1st and 2nd gears missing teeth? Date:Tue Jun 30 21:00:09 2015
Response to:20601
Wow, not sure of that color. The factory chips are here:

I am not an expert at all, but I am not sure about the high pipe - maybe it was an option? Did you check the SN on the engine? The SN is on the left side front of the engine on a raised pad. The first two numbers are the year of the engine.

Mine had a '56 engine, but 19" wheels when it should have had 18" wheels. I guess it was not uncommon for an engine to break or a frame to bend and to owner would find whatever parts they could to put it back together.

So far as the transmission, someone with more experience will need to chime in. I last had my case split in 1965...

Good luck -

Just pulled the 1955 165 out of Dad's basement. Been there for 40 years. He broke the trans while pulling me around the yard on a sled.
3rd gear seems OK, but 1st and 2nd gears seem to be missing some gear teeth and only engage for a partial revolution. Kicking the starter in 1st or 2nd will cause the bike to move forward for a bit, then forward motion stops followed by a gear tooth missing kind of grinding noise.
Trying to figure out what trans parts might be needed to fix this before I split the cases.

Any other info you might gleen from the photo would be interesting. I'm not sure of the original color, I know it is original paint that has faded to a redish tan color.

I have the original seat, but the seat on it looks to be a Harley part??

Also has a high pipe, possibly using the original cigar muffler inverted with a mounting extension bracket.

Can't wait to get this thing running again.